Purple Door Ice Cream

If you look at the picture for this post, you may notice a flavor called "beer and pretzels" - that's right folks, we've gone full Wisconsin with this ice cream shop. Purple Door Ice Cream is a Milwaukee classic - and you can find it in person in the 5th Ward or in your local... Continue Reading →


Fro-Zone Rolled Ice Cream

I've lately seen a bizarre and intriguing concept pop up on social media: rolled ice cream. Like, little sushi-esque rolls of ice cream, beautifully adorned in a cup with toppings and other goodies. Apparently it originates in Thailand, but has recently become quite trendy here in the good U.S. of A. So, I was naturally... Continue Reading →

Pastiche at the Metro

It's Downtown Dining week here in Milwaukee - a time where many of the popular restaurants in the city offer a discounted multi-course meal. It's a chance for us to score a favorite dish at a delicious price, or to try out a new place that our wallets usually couldn't afford.  I've never been in... Continue Reading →

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