Parkside 23

First off, this place is amazing. I was fortunate enough to be taken here for a work function, so the food was plentiful and I was able to try more things off the menu than I usually would have. My stomach was uncomfortably full, and my tastebuds were so thankful. Parkside 23 offers a wide... Continue Reading →



More Italian food! Girl's gotta have her carbs, you know. Except, Zarletti isn't one of those Italian places that shamelessly loads you with impossible-to-conquer portions. They're more modern and put new twists on the genre... or so I think... I don't actually know much about the classifications of Italian food. What I DO know, though,... Continue Reading →

Story Hill BKC

Tucked away, kind of in the middle of nowhere on the west side of Milwaukee, is a little place called Story Hill BKC. The name sounds magical, and dear reader, this place is. It's quiet, it's quaint, and it's attached to a liquor store that has a seriously impressive selection. The BKC in the name... Continue Reading →


Yes, most people do a double-take when reading or hearing the name for the first time. And yes, some people giggle. However, Balzac is nothing to laugh at - this Brady Street restaurant and wine bar has got it all, and it shows. They were actually voted best wine bar 5 years in a row,... Continue Reading →

Black Sheep Wine Bar

What doesn't this place have? Small plates? Yes. Wine? Yes. TRUFFLE FRIES? Yes. A funny sign outside? Of course! It's got it all. Black Sheep is one of those cool wine bars where you buy a chip card and pay for wine pours as you go (which are dispensed out of an automatic machine). So,... Continue Reading →


Since it's getting warmer out, a friend and I thought we would just take a stroll down Brady Street to find something to eat, thinking we'd end up at one of the more well-established places. However, we ended up stumbling upon a place that had only been open for 3 weeks at that point. A classy bar... Continue Reading →

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