Duckpin bowling at Thirsty Duck

Duckpin bowling is usually so much harder than regular bowling. The pins are smaller, the balls are smaller - it completely changes the game... usually. The other duckpin alleys I've been to had regular length lanes. However, Thirsty Duck's bowling lanes are much shorter, which makes the game so much easier. In fact, I would... Continue Reading →


Ale Asylum Riverhouse

Ale Asylum is a popular Madison-based brewery, but that of course does not stop them from staking out some prime property in Milwaukee. The Riverhouse sits, predictably, right on the river in downtown Milwaukee, and boasts beautiful picture windows and a nice patio to enjoy the scenery. Beer, of course, is their gig, but they... Continue Reading →

The Brown Bottle

Happy Hour has struck once again, and this time we decided to try a Milwaukee classic, in the heart of the brewery-heavy part of Milwaukee (it is actually part of Schlitz Park). The Brown Bottle of course hosted a large selection of beers (a couple dollars cheaper than usual during their daily 3:00-6:00 happy hours),... Continue Reading →

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