AURA Music Series at the Milwaukee Athletic Club

Quickly rising to among the top of my "favorite summer things in Milwaukee" list is the weekly music concerts that take place on the rooftop of the Milwaukee Athletic Club (MAC). Picture this: live music, reasonably priced drinks, and a beautiful nighttime view of downtown Milwaukee. And did I mention, it's free? I know, I... Continue Reading →



The crown jewel of Milwaukee summer entertainment, Summerfest had its 50th anniversary this year! The World's Largest Music Festival certainly did not disappoint - a couple weeks of non-stop music, food, and beautiful weather is hard to beat. What I appreciate most about Summerfest is that there's something for everybody. It's, of course, awesome enough... Continue Reading →

Sweet Sheiks at the Highbury Pub

One of my favorite things to do here in Milwaukee is swing dance. Besides providing exercise, swing dancing (and more specifically, the Milwaukee swing dance scene) fast-tracked my integration into the city. The people I now see every week accepted and included me immediately, and straight up prevented me from becoming a hermit during my... Continue Reading →

Tigernite at the Tonic Tavern

I first heard Tigernite┬ádriving around in my friend's car, and immediately loved the badass-ness of the singer's voice and lyrics. Up until that point, I had only heard vaguely of Tigernite, knew they were a local band that people enjoyed, and was told that the lead singer had purple hair. So, I had a preconceived... Continue Reading →

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