DiModa Pizza

Apparently it is the age of fancy pizzas, and that means it is a fantastic time to be alive. More and more restaurants are popping up offering unique and artisan flatbreads and pizzas, or at least that is what I’ve noticed in Milwaukee. This includes a new place called DiModa.

DiModa is located where Trocadero used to be (rest in ever-loving-brunchy-peace). Not that we’re losing too much – DiModa is owned by the same group that owned Trocadero, so they know what’s up, and will be keeping a seemingly stellar brunch menu.

What I do truly appreciate about this fancy pizza push is that I am (FINALLY) able to find a good selection of non-tomato sauce pizzas, and furthermore, am considered open-minded and adventurous for eating them… previously, I was judged as the weird one for not liking tomato sauce and was told any non-tomato pizza was “not real pizza”. Oh how times have changed. THANK YOU, pizza lords.

I found that many of these new fancy pizzas are adorned with fig, arugula, and some sort of pork. Seriously, DiModa is the third place I’ve come across in the last couple months with that combination. Not that I’m complaining, it was quite good. However, what really stole the show for me was their “shroomy” (mushroomy) pizza. Have I mentioned I love truffle oil?

Anyway, DiModa is more than just pizza – it’s got salads, pastas, appetizers, and Italian desserts (yum!). We tried the Bundino, which is an Italian custard. My friend thought it tasted like butter. I thought it tasted like frosting. Either way it as delicious.

So, whether you miss Trocadero or are just looking for a new spot, DiModa is a good replacement. The selections may not be the same but the food is just as good, and of course, their patio scene is on point.

website: http://www.dimodapizza.com/



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