Fro-Zone Rolled Ice Cream

I’ve lately seen a bizarre and intriguing concept pop up on social media: rolled ice cream. Like, little sushi-esque rolls of ice cream, beautifully adorned in a cup with toppings and other goodies. Apparently it originates in Thailand, but has recently become quite trendy here in the good U.S. of A. So, I was naturally excited and curious when a rolled ice cream shop, Fro-Zone, opened on Brady Street.

The first time I saw it, the line was out the door. I knew it must be good, so I made a point to go back when it may be a little less crowded. Currently, Fro-Zone offers a selection of a select few flavors to choose from (I chose cookies and cream, my friend chose strawberry shortcake). When we stepped up to the counter, the reason for the long line quickly became apparent: the process for making rolled ice cream is pretty involved! Basically they use an anti-griddle to instantly freeze ice cream base to make instant ice cream, spread it thin, continue to let it freeze, before cutting it and making it into little rolls. It was fairly mesmerizing to watch.

The ice cream itself was decent, but not the best I’ve had. It tasted like soft serve (which is fine). It was quite pretty though…. the picture doesn’t do it justice, as I had attacked it a little with a spoon and it had started to melt.

Will Fro-Zone survive after the novelty wears off? We shall see. There aren’t many ice cream shops in that area, so it is possible… and I’d stop by if I was seeking dessert after lunch or dinner on Brady. However, I think I’ll continue to choose Kopps or Purple Door if I am specifically seeking ice cream (or custard).


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