Bastille Days

Vive la France! Who cares that Milwaukee is not exactly known for French heritage? Any holiday in any country is reason for celebration and festivals here, and I love it. Bastille Days happens in the middle of July every summer in the middle of Downtown on Cathedral Square and the surrounding blocks. Like most festivals, there’s music, lots of food, and shopping.

I particularly enjoy Bastille Days because a lot of the local restaurants – Rumpus Room, Maxie’s, Vagabond, etc. come and set up shop with food stands – this makes the food offerings a little more upscale than your typical festival foods (though of course you can still find fries, ice cream, etc.). I also enjoy that Bastille Days is almost quite literally in my backyard – so it is quite convenient. And another plus – Bastille Days isn’t hosted in the Summerfest grounds, so it is 1) free and 2) allows dogs in, much to my enjoyment and amusement.

Unfortunately I did not get the chance to run their annual 5k race this year, where thousands of people take to the streets of downtown Milwaukee to Storm the Bastille. Next year, for sure. But until then, it remains an open item on the Bucket List!


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