Ale Asylum Riverhouse

Ale Asylum is a popular Madison-based brewery, but that of course does not stop them from staking out some prime property in Milwaukee. The Riverhouse sits, predictably, right on the river in downtown Milwaukee, and boasts beautiful picture windows and a nice patio to enjoy the scenery.

Beer, of course, is their gig, but they also have a number of cocktails and wine, and decent food. It is mostly bar food but they’ve got a wide enough variety that it would satisfy most food-seekers. As stated before, I’m not a beer drinker, so I feel like the real appeal of the place was probably lost on me, but the apathy I felt towards the alcohol was more than made up for by the aesthetics. It was a very pleasant way to spend a couple hours.

As I got to the Riverhouse, my friend was running a little late, and good thing, too, because I discovered a new favorite place. I’m not sure if the gate was left open on accident or on purpose, but there was a little path that led down behind the restaurant, down to the water onto a private little dock (that housed what looked like a party barge). I’ve always loved being by the water, and it was just so nice to sit on a hidden little dock and watch the ducks and boats go by. So peaceful – I hope I can make it down there again.



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